There is no one size fits all option for hand operated fire-fighting equipment. When faced with a fire situation you could be dealing with one or more of the above fuel types or “Classes” of fire. As a result depending on your particular circumstances you could require more than one type of extinguishing medium.
We have listed below types of fire extinguishers and their different uses and some of their limitations 
Class A
Class B
Class C
Class E
Class F
CO2 fire extinguishers: 
Class E electrical fires; can cause light flammable materials like paper to disperse causing the fire to spread 
Dry powder fire extinguishers:
Class ABE; except phosphates, can pose a threat to those with respiratory conditions and may limit visibility when firefighting. 
Foam fire extinguishers:
Class AB; not electrically rated in NZ and Australia.
Water fire extinguishers:
Class A paper and wood fires; dangerous when used on flammable liquids, cooking fats and electrical fires 
Wet chemical fire extinguishers:
Class F cooking fires only; corrosive requires immediate clean up
Fire blankets:
Class ABF smothering fires mainly cooking/stovetop fires; limited to fires smaller than the blanket.
FireWise can supply you with all of the above extinguisher types in a variety of sizes. We can also supply you with:
  • appropriate signage
  • fire hose reels
  • smoke detectors
  • other more specialised fire protection options if required.
For an obligation free quote please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements, assess your site and put together a package that would best suit your requirements and protect your assets