StayCleanTM Extinguisher Cases


The FireWise StayCleanTM Extinguisher case is a tough, durable, kiwi made extinguisher protection system that safeguards your fire extinguishers from damage caused by the likes of tar, chemicals, dirt, exposure to the elements and rough handling. The StayCleanTM Case is ideal for use in a variety of industries including forestry, roading, construction, agricultural contracting, transport and anywhere environmental factors can shorten the life expectancy of your extinguishers.


The StayCleanTM Case is a rotationally moulded product using non-recycled Medium Density Polyethylene. This coupled with reinforcing ribs makes the box extremely strong and impact resistant. The clasp is a simple construction that can be opened even if wearing bulky protective leather gloves. The StayCleanTM Case is constructed in such a way as to fit the extinguisher inside without the need for straps or locking systems, enabling quick and easy deployment eliminating the possibility of snagging; simply open the lid pull the extinguisher out and use as required The StayCleanTM Case can have the extinguisher type moulded into the lid that easily identifies the contents, this revolutionary graphics system helps in keeping the lid clean and making it easier to read.


The colour-coded identification is also able to be provided flipped or we can also provide the StayCleanTM blank with a 3M adhesive label to suit your installation preference. The large StayClean boxes are available for 9L First Aid Water, 9LFoam and 9kg Dry Powder Extinguishers. The smaller StayCleanTM is suitable for 4.5kg Dry Powder Extinguishers and 3L Foam (manufacturer dependant). FireWise Ltd can also supply extinguishers to fit inside them. Any colour you like please contact us to discuss colour requirements i.e. to match your fleet colours.