Firewise Services

Some commercial buildings contain “Specified Systems” that must be covered by a Compliance Schedule issued by your local authority. As a building owner you must ensure that there is a checking regime in place in accordance with the Compliance Schedule and you are required to provide your local authority with an Annual BWOF and relevant 12A reports. 
FireWise is IQP registered with a number of local authorities in the lower North Island to check the following Specified Systems:
  • Automatic systems for fire suppression
  • Fire alarms
  • Automatic doors
  • Access doors
  • Fire or smoke doors & windows
  • Emergency Lights
  • Signs
  • Final Exits
  • Fire & Smoke separations
We can also liase with other IQP providers with specialist expertise (lifts, air conditioning, backflow prevention etc) on your behalf to ensure that you meet all of your reporting requirements.
Evacuation Schemes:
Most commercial buildings are required to have evacuation procedures in place with some required to have an “Evacuation Scheme” (visit to check if your building requires a scheme).
We can author Evacuation Schemes and manage the application process to the Fire Service and the ongoing maintenance of your Evacuation Scheme conducting trial evacuations to maintain the building occupants competency in evacuating your building in cases of emergency.

Cylinder Testing:

Cylinders containing compressed gases must be tested in accordance with the Hazardous Substances (Compressed Gases) Regulations 2004. FireWise Cylinder Testing is a NZ Accredited Laboratory to ISO 9002 and is an IANZ and EPA approved cylinder-testing facility.  
Roger and Joe are EPA New Zealand Approved Periodic Testers and IANZ Approved Signatories.  Our scope of accreditation allows us to test portable LPG gas, Breathing air (SCUBA & SCBA), CO2, Nitrogen and Extinguisher (high & low pressure) cylinders.

Servicing of Hand Operated Fire Fighting Equipment:
Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels and Fire Blankets must be serviced and maintained in accordance with NZS 4503.  FireWise is able to complete annual servicing of each of the above items and has facilities to repair and/or recharge Dry Powder (ABE and BE), AFFF, Wet Chemical and CO2 fire extinguishers